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[OFF] 130730 “BADMAN” Teaser - Daehyun & Youngjae
U6 Thread - http://www.unbreakable6.com/index.php?/topic/1153-off-130730-badman-teaser-daehyun-youngjae/
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[OFF] 130728 ‘BADMAN’ 3rd Mini Album Cover
U6 Thread - http://www.unbreakable6.com/index.php?/topic/1152-off-130728-badman-3rd-mini-album-cover/
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The first song of the triple title to be released in this summer is comeback song “COFFEE SHOP”.

Don’t miss out the music video that was filmed in the four american cities, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York.

Happy Birthday Daehyun!

Today, 28th June, is Daehyun’s 20th birthday (21st birthday in Korea!)
On this special day, please help us and send a lot of love from Japan to “B.AP’s lovely handsome boy (visual)” Daehyunー!!

To Daehyun, have a great year!

Source: BAP’s official Japanese Blog
Translated by: cheshire @ Unbreakable6.com

U6 Info Thread - http://www.unbreakable6.com/index.php?/topic/1137-news-130628-coffee-shops-music-video-and-track-released/

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[NEWS] 130618 B.A.P hints at a new project to come with a mysterious teaser image

Could B.A.P be possibly announcing another tour in addition to their ongoing concert series? That’s the question fans have been left asking with the release of a mysterious teaser on the group’s Facebook page. The image seems to indicate that a spaceship has just landed or is taking off, leaving behind a circular symbol with strange characters around the border. It seems the Matokis are doing their best to get away from the circle, further raising our curiosity about this puzzling teaser.The boys have been holding their ‘B.A.P Live on Earth' tour series, having visited the States as well as various locations in Asia, so although this image could pass off as being a part of that tour, the word 'WANTED' is something that's new.Regarding the teaser, TS Entertainment made sure to leave things vague as they commented, "Having unveiled a mystery teaser for another project of B.A.P, who will be coming back with triple title tracks this summer, we’re bound to trigger anticipation and curiosity.. A teaser project related to this will continue to be revealed."Whatever this mysterious project may be, what is certain is that we’ll be seeing the boys soon enough as they’ll be making a return on the 28th with the first of their title tracks!

U6 Info Thread - http://www.unbreakable6.com/index.php?/topic/1126-news-130618-bap-hints-at-a-new-project-to-come-with-a-mysterious-teaser-image/
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